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Taking the time to recharge

Relaxation and regeneration for body and mind. It's about consciously taking time to work with yourself and come back strengthened from your time out. The Parkhotel Mondschein is the perfect place - for single travellers, couples, friends or siblings.

Relaxation and regeneration for body and mind. It's about consciously taking time to work with yourself and come back strengthened from your time out. The Parkhotel Mondschein is the perfect place - for single travellers, couples, friends or siblings.


Welcome to your first flow of our weekend together! In this class, we use active and deliberate asana to decompress and gently disconnect from the world around us.


Our focus is on stepping out of our usual routine. This flow will dive into the details of your personal practice and challenge you both physically and mentally. I provide modifications and intensifications so you can adjust as you need and make this practice your own. There is no right or wrong, there is only what feels best.


Rest, is an invitation for all people to rediscover belonging and awareness in “just being.” In this practice, our natural state of restfulness is our starting and finishing point. As such, there is no longer the burden of needing to “unwind” or “manage our emotions”. We learn to experience ourselves in a new and liberated way, where the pleasure of resting in awareness is sacred and healing. There are no prerequisite practices for awareness; we are awareness. Resting naturally and embracing spaciousness is the practice, and the four pillars of R.E.S.T. will help us reimagine meditation, liberation, and rest as one.


We begin the day by cultivating a calm, quiet mind and steady, open body so that we may become more receptive to self-discovery and build a strong belief in the strength of our mind and body.

The yoga sessions are held in English/Italian.

Services included

  • 2 nights at Parkhotel Mondschein
  • 4 yoga sessions with Tamara
  • Nutritious, healthy breakfast
  • Spring water during the yoga sessions
  • Yoga mats, blocks, pads and blankets
  • Bio sauna
About Tamara Simonne Cederberg

Tamara is on a mission of vastly expanding the capacity of experiencing freedom. So she walks the unexpected and spirited path. Her work is a balance between exploration, use of creative tools, physical principles, and personal vocabulary/material.

As an artist, yogi and inspired student of Tibetan buddhism; Tamara’s guidance will invite you towards new avenues of exploration and returning home to yourself.

You do not need to seek freedom in some distant land, for it exists within your own body, heart, mind, and soul.

With her you will boil it down to the essence, relax in presence, honor the parts of you that are ready, nurture your higher mind, dust off your feathers, and take flight.

24.02. - 26.02.23 • 2Days

Weekend Yoga Reset-Retreat


A Retreat for Body, Mind & Spirit. Getting into the flow without loosing the connection to the earth. Being one with the spirits and one within your body. Fly high and land soft. We invite you for a MINI RETREAT in the beautiful Bolzano.


  • 08:30 Arrival in Bolzano

  • 10:00 Open Circle in the Arise Studio & Wake up morning Yoga 60 min

  • 11:30 Vegan / Vegetarian Brunch in the Parkhotel Mondschein

  • 14:00 PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® to fly high

  • 16:00 time to enjoy the spa to land soft

  • 18:00 Vegan / vegetarian Dinner

  • 20:00 Cacao & Ecstatic Dance - Connect with your body


  • 09:00 Deep House Yoga - with DJ

  • 11:00 Vegan / Vegetarian Brunch in the Parkhotel Mondschein

  • 13:00 Deep Yin & Soundbath

  • 15:00 Snack

  • 16:00 Closing Circle

Massages and Sound Therapy can be booked individually.

Classroom languages: German / English

Services included

  • 1 overnight stay at Parkhotel Mondschein
  • All sessions as described in the schedule with Eva and Alex
  • Nutritious, healthy breakfast
  • Snack and dinner
  • Spring water during the yoga sessions
  • Yoga mats, blocks, pads and blankets
  • Bio-sauna
Eva Maria Greiderer & Alex Jenkin

Eva Maria Greiderer is a SOULPRENEUR. Elevating the collective and individual consciousness is her goal. She creates a safe space where you can learn how to fall and stand up for yourself again. Eva is an inspiration, guiding you on your way to purpose.

Her connection to electronic music is huge, so she combines different techniques of Yoga, Breathwork and Sound Meditation with Downtempo and electronic music.

Alex Jenke is a Health & Natural Therapist by profession. He has been dedicated to connecting with himself and my surroundings through different spiritual paths & self-awareness practices. Over the years, through his own explorations and traveling, he came across many teachers and ways to be more in balance and in harmony with himself and the world around him; Coming to the understanding that the best way to find joy and satisfaction is through authentic and radical acceptance of what reality is about. These days he finds himself in the quest of holding safe containers for people to dive with-in. Using different approaches such as: Somatic Trauma therapy - Intuitive+Sound Massage - Ecstatic Dance + Psychedelic breath Dj sets.

04.03. - 05.03.23 • 1Days

Flow & Ground Mini Retreat


In this retreat you connect with your highly intuitive and intelligent body. You are invited to breathe deeply and find back to your own power.

We will enjoy silent mornings with meditations, mantras, kundalini yoga classes, deep breathwork journeys, evening breathing exercises and yin yoga. It’s an experience that will make your inner voice heard. We will guide you through a variety of different experiences, from stillness to music-driven classes. We borrow from yoga in its spirit, mantras in its power and breathwork for connection and breakthroughs.

We invite you to slow down, get quiet and relax. Each days activities vary between group classes and lots of time for yourself to do whatever feels right, whether this is enjoying the beautiful Parkhotel Mondschein, being in stillness, detoxing in the Sauna, going for a hike or reading a book in the lounge or in the garden.

We implement lots of stillness and time to reflect, rest and relax.

Everything is optional, you can get into as much or as little as you want.

Teaching language: German and English

EARLY BIRD: On bookings before 31.01.2023 a 10% discount will apply

Inclusive Services

  • 4 nights at Parkhotel Mondschein
  • Two classes per day with Manuela and Matthias, including meditation, movement, mantra, yoga and breathwork classes
  • Nourishing, healthy breakfast
  • Seasonal vegetarian dinner
  • Spring water and light afternoon snacks
  • Yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets
  • Bio Sauna
  • And many surprises and gifts
About Keur

Keur Wellness is a heart project by Manuela Schöpfer and Matthuas Hunkeler. They have been envisioning the curation of deep and transformative experiences for quite some time.

Manuela is a yoga teacher and intuitive breathwork guide. Her curiosity brought her to various eastern and western healing modalities. She is certified in Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki, Herbalism and Crystal Healing. Manuela inspires people across the globe to connect with their true authentic self and to create a life where body, mind and soul are aligned.

Matthias is an entrepreneur in various fields. His main areas of interest and research lie in the fields of wellbeing, yoga and breathwork. Matthias has been working with some of the leading researchers, thinkers and teachers within the area of emotional intelligence, meditation, breathwork and yoga. A key focus has always been building bridges between the different environments in which he has lived and worked in.


48 hours in contact with the immensely beautiful instrument Handpan, yourself and a small group of awesome people.

Since my first encounter with this otherworldly sound sculpture my life isn’t the same anymore. It gifted me with experiences of joy, play, presence, meditation, connection, calm and ecstasy. I am so happy to share these experiences with other people now and teach this amazing instrument.

In the Handpan Camp Bozen you will learn the basic theory and a lot of practical Handpan playing. You will practice for yourself as well as in small and bigger groups. I know no instrument that is suited so well for playing together and coming in a flow, even if you have never touched an instrument before.

As an ideal preparation, we will meet online a few weeks prior to the workshop to give you some homework and the possibility to prepare a little for our shared experience, if you like.

It doesn’t matter, if you’re a complete beginner in this instrument or if you already know a little bit and want to expand your range of playing. You’re welcome, if you are a pro in another instrument or if you have never played a single note in your life before.

To make sure everyone gets the most out of these 48 hours, we will limit the group size to 16 people.

Services included

  • 2 nights at Parkhotel Mondschein
  • Daily Handpan lessons
  • Your own Handpan for the weekend
  • Online-Preparation-Course
  • A healthy breakfast
  • Bio Sauna
Leander Govinda Greitemann 

Leander Govinda Greitemann has a life long history in playing music.

Unteil recently his job was: speaker, author and philosopher. Until the lockdown in 2020. The appearance of the Handpan in his life changed the course of events dramatically. Now he combines his two biggest passions: passing information and skills to groups of people and playing the Handpan together. His deeply rooted understanding of music meets his fresh love for this incredible sound sculpture.

05.05. - 07.05.23 • 2Days

Handpan Retreat with Leander Greitemann