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We look after our guests and are happy to offer them a change of scenery – which comes in many different forms. Our packages can inspire, pamper, encourage or relax. So, what are you in the mood for?

We look after our guests and are happy to offer them a change of scenery – which comes in many different forms. Our packages can inspire, pamper, encourage or relax. So, what are you in the mood for?

It pays to plan early. Book at least 21 days in advance and save 10%.

Twice the excitement

The advantageous option for all early bookers. Book 21 days in advance and get your discount.

Book your stay and tap into the zeitgeist of today. Leave the day-to-day behind in the nostalgic and authentic atmosphere of the Parkhotel Mondschein.


Valid until 31. December 2023

Per room from

Grant yourself more time at a special price. Discounts from 3 nights -10% and from 5 nights -15%.

More time to discover

Stay at least 3 nights to tick off the main sights and have enough time to discover the hidden gems of Parkhotel Mondschein.


Valid until 31. December 2023

3 or more Nights
Per room from

Enjoy the freedom to travel, discover South Tyrol. Two nights at Parkhotel Mondschein and two nights at the mundane-Mediterranean Villa Arnica in await you with this package. Expect nothing but the greatest breakfast served á la carte in between palm trees and poolhouse.

Coffee by the pool? Check. Experience pulsating Bolzano? Double check.

Included services

  • Two nights at the Parkhotel Mondschein
  • Two nights at Villa Arnica
  • Breakfast á la carte
  • One Yoga class at our Arise Yoga Studio
  • Free transfer between the hotels and pickup at the train station

Valid until 31. December 2023

4 Nights
Per room from

A retreat of a special kind, where you dedicate yourself entirely to your face and learn to train the muscles there in a targeted way.

For a long time, the focus when training the muscles has been on the body and the face has been left out. Yet the face is the most obvious thing you present. It reflects our mood - are we happy, exuberant and liberated or are we tense, angry or sad, our face shows all this at first glance. These are necessary and meaningful traits of our nature and these states of mind leave their traces on our faces. However, unconscious, constant facial expressions can cause wrinkles to form and tension can often lead to pain.

Faceyoga offers a natural way to counteract this. The facial muscle training frees the face, head and neck from tension, specifically rebuilds muscles and allows the face to age healthily and sustainably. Not "anti-ageing" but "healthy ageing", no chasing after unattainable goals, but having a significant positive influence on well-being and appearance through regular training.

The training is suitable for people of all ages and you do not need any previous experience. To ensure professional supervision, the number of participants is limited to 10 places.


  • Healthy Aging: The training makes your face look more defined, firmer and younger without the use of expensive cosmetics, Botox or fillers. It counteracts unwanted wrinkles, stimulates blood circulation and brings a feeling of relaxation.

  • Pain relief: Unpleasant tension in the face, jaw, neck or shoulder area is relieved and discomfort from bruxism (teeth grinding / clenching), tinnitus or migraines can also be alleviated.

  • Awareness: Become aware of your habits and learn to use your facial muscles so that you no longer have to worry about tension and wrinkles.

How does Faceyoga work?

Faceyoga is a combination of movements that train the muscles of the face in the same way that the muscles of the body can be trained. The training takes place in the form of poses and exercises that are repeated in several rounds. For this, the hands are used as support.

By activating the facial muscles, practitioners can learn to tense and relax individual muscles. The training is accompanied by conscious breathing. Massages, tapping techniques and/or stimulation of acupressure points can also be part of the training.

Info: You can also book the whole Retreat without overnight stay (including Brunch and Dinner) for €900,- per Person.

Services included

  • 5 days and 4 night stay at Parkhotel Mondschein
  • Every morning and evening one Faceyoga session à 60min - On arrival/departure day one Faceyoga session each à 60min in our arise Body & Mind Studio
  • Nourishing and healthy breakfast 
  • Seasonal vegetarian dinner (vegan and gluten-free meals available upon request)
  • Spring water and light afternoon snacks
  • Yoga mats, blocks, pillows and blankets are available
  • Bio Sauna (65 Degrees)
Svenja Hartmann

Svenja Hartmann is a trained and passionate Faceyoga instructor, 42 years old and lives with her family in Berlin. Her goal is to accompany you on your way to a face full of radiance and well-being.

8. - 12. November 2023

4 Nights
Per room from

Rituals are opportunities for transformation.Leave the rhythm of everyday life with us and embark on an inner journey of exploration.

Seven rituals will be explored to strengthen our sense of connection with ourselves and the world around us. Together we will deepen our understanding of ritual and the practice of ceremony and explore how both can help you to be more mindful, present and creative in your daily life.

We look forward to offering you two hands-on creativity workshops on self-care, pampering your soul with vegan sweets and vegetarian meals, and exploring the intersection of yoga and mindfulness practices. In between there will be time to rest, connect and explore. We will explore the power of sound and immerse ourselves in an interpretation of traditional practices through tea and cocoa ceremonies. There will also be a touch of nostalgia as we watch a classic film with a helping of popcorn.

The retreat's seven rituals are designed to experience personal transformation: to ignite something within you and together transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a newcomer to the practice, this retreat provides a supportive and nurturing environment to explore new ideas and cultivate greater mindfulness and self-awareness.

Teaching language: English



from 13:00 Arrive, enjoy a light snack, check in and feel comfortable.
14:00 - 15:00 Opening circle, first ritual: The Art of Tea, a tea ceremony to celebrate the summer season.

Enjoy free time in the sauna, sunbathing and hotel amenities.

17:00 - 18:30 Second Ritual: The Art of Meditation & Sound, a sound bath that stimulates the senses and invites grounding and calm.
19:00 Nutritious dinner.


Silent Morning.

08:30 - 10:00 Third Ritual: The Art of Movement, Yoga Flow and Meditation, a dance between Yin and Yang.
10:30 Nutritious brunch.

Enjoy free time in the sauna, sunbathing, hiking or exploring the city of Bolzano.

16:30 - 18:00 Fourth Ritual - The Art of Soul Food, a vegan sweet decorating workshop. Let your creativity run wild and decorate a box of luxurious vegan sweets to take home.
19:00 Nutritious dinner.
After dark Fifth ritual: The Art of Nostalgia, an evening at the cinema with a classic Italian film.


Silent Morning.

08:30 - 10:00 Sixth Ritual: The Art of Reiki and Cacao Ceremony, a guided Reiki self-healing session complemented by a cacao ceremony and relaxation.
10:30 Nutritious brunch.

Enjoy free time in the sauna,. Sunbathing and in the amenities of the hotel.

13:00-14:30 Seventh Ritual: The art of self-care, lip scrub workshop. Discover the benefits of natural ingredients and their benefits as you make a lip scrub to take home.
15:00 Closing circle.
16:00 Departure.

Services included

  • 2 nights stay at Parkhotel Mondschein
  • 7 Rituals with Arianna and Lauren including meditation, movement, yoga, sound bath, cocoa ceremony, tea ceremony, vegan vegan sweets workshop and self-care workshop, movie night.
  • A nutritious and healthy breakfast
  • Seasonal vegetarian dinner
  • Spring water and light afternoon snacks
  • Yoga mats, blocks, cushions and blankets
  • Organic sauna (65 degrees)
  • Many surprises and a gift
About the Yin Yang Sisters

Yin Yang Sisters is a heart project of Arianna Piazzi and Lauren von Steuben and embodies two unique personalities who come from different corners of the world to curate and create events together. Their friendship and admiration for each other can be felt in every ceremony, yoga class, sound bath and meal they lovingly prepare for you.

Yin Yang Sisters retreats include plant-based meals, yoga and meditation practices, ceremonies and rituals. Ari and Lauren help to harness what is good for your body and mind.

Arianna Piazzi

Ari is a yoga teacher, health coach, ceremonialist, sound alchemist and plant-based chef. She will help you bring more joy, connection and balance into your life.

Lauren von Steuben

With Lauren's positive energy, soothing voice and radiant smile, you can't help but feel good. Lauren is a yoga teacher, ceremonial teacher, sound alchemist and Plant-based Chef, helping to revive the inner spirit.

27. - 29. October 2023

2 Nights
Per room from